Installing roll up doors on shipping containers is a multi-step process that requires precision, specialized tools and a high-quality product. It also requires skilled labor to guarantee your satisfaction.  Our team of professionals has thousands of hours of experience installing roll up doors in new and used shipping containers, a good sign that you’re in the right hands for your modification needs!

Roll up doors are installed in order to maximize storage and access to the container. Each door increases the functionality of the container and it helps compartmentalize your storage. It reduces the need to load the container from the front to the back and allows you to access it from wherever you choose to install it. They are custom built to your specifications so you can choose the access that best fits your needs!

The installation process begins with the key concept of “measure twice, cut once”. Given our promise to maintain an environmentally friendly workspace, we’re set to minimize waste as much as possible through every step of the production process.

After receiving the customer approval for the specification drawings, our modification team will start by making precise markings for the doors and the space between them. Using a cutting wheel, we cut out the original panels and remove them. Once the panels are removed, a grinding tool will be used to smooth out the edges of the top, sides and bottom rails to prepare the area for the installation of the frame.

We build the frame using hollow steel tubing so we can customize the height and width of the door to meet your needs. The frame is held in place with support beams until it is welded securely to the container and the roll up door is ready to go in.

If the customer has chosen to paint the shipping container, this stage involves prepping it in the paint shop. The container is thoroughly wire wheeled to remove any rust spots and all markings are eliminated. Then, the selected paint color is applied. For more details on our painting process and services, visit our product page for Paints.

The container is now ready for its roll up door! Once the paint is completely dry, the door is lifted into place and is drilled into the frame that was previously installed. The door itself is then unrolled, pulled through the tracks and is then tensioned tightly in place. Too much tension can lead the door to unroll and too little tension will make it difficult to use by the end user. Our team knows how to do this just right, trust the ATS difference!

At this point, the remaining hardware is installed, including the door handles, safety stoppers and locking mechanisms. Each door is inspected with a quality control checklist and once approved, is ready to deliver the container to your door.