Those familiar with Marie Kondo know that her rise to fame in recent years is due to her ability to tidy up meticulously and teaching others to do the same. Her official title is that of organizing consultant, but she also occupies her time writing books and starring in her own show to help teach others how to tidy up the things in their life. Her method is cleaning up even takes after her name and is known as the KonMari method.

Marie Kondo’s method is unique because it doesn’t focus on the utility of things like most Western methods do, instead it focuses on things that “spark joy” in each of us. She has helped many people over the course of her career to declutter their lives and their homes and to surround themselves with material things that bring them happiness. The results are usually tidy and well-organized homes.

We look up to Marie Kondo and we want to help our readers and our clients declutter and organize their shipping container storage. We offer a line of accessories that includes shelving kits that are perfect for the job!

– The most notable product we offer is our pipe rack system. It consists of brackets that hook into the D rings already included inside all shipping containers and T-bars for support. This system allows pipes and long tubes to be stored within the brackets, leaving space below for other items

– The insta shelf kit follows the same installation as the pipe rack system and does not need to be bolted in or welded. It simply hooks into the D-rings of the containers and it is ready to store items on its shelves. Multiple units can be added side-by-side to create additional storage space inside both 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. Each bracket is rated at 1,100lbs.

– The heavy duty shelf a much stronger alternative to the insta shelf kit. The strength is given by welds in key structural points that make this shelf ideal for industrial applications, tool & equipment storage, and more. Each shelf in this system is rated up to 3,000lbs with a total of 5 adjustable shelves in total.

The accessories mentioned above are designed to improve your storage efficiency on the jobsite or at home. Feel free to use the KonMari method to improve your storage efficiency and let us know how we can help.