Shipping containers were originally created with one purpose in mind, to securely transport goods worldwide. With such an important role in the transport of goods, a lot of thought went into the design of these relatively simple looking steel boxes. There are a lot of CORTEN steel components but also lot of trim pieces which create a secure loading structure that can withstand the elements over time.

Let’s start with the corner castings on each container. There is a total of eight corner castings on each container that serve as hard-mounting and stacking points. Each corner casting is essentially the skeleton of a cube with its insides removed. There are holes in each side of the cube that make it possible to secure containers to the ground and to each other using a deck mount twist lock or stacking pins. Similarly, shipping and storage containers can be locked side-by-side with a locking mechanism like our bridge fittings. The modular design of the container make this kind of stacking possible and you can probably imagine how many shipping containers fit on large cargo vessels.

The bottom portion of the container consists of the container floor and its supporting cross members. The cross members are steel so they can support large payloads. The floors are made with Keruing-Apitong wood, a kind of wood that we use in manufacturing all of our new shipping containers because it is sourced more sustainably than that used by other manufacturers.
The container walls are built using pre-cut corrugated CORTEN steel panels. These are welded together to build various container lengths, including 10ft, 20ft and 40ft storage containers. Surrounding the wall is a thick steel beam that encases the interior volume and provides support.

On one side of the container, swinging barn doors are installed. These come with a variety of trim pieces like rubber gaskets to ensure the container is wind and water sealed, 36” locking door handles for ease of access, and all of our new storage containers come with a lockbox for additional security.

Moving to the interior, the walls are equipped with D-rings and tie rails to help secure any cargo placed inside during storage or shipment. All of our new shipping containers are equipped with features that most manufacturers will not have. These components were specially designed for convenience and functionality.

Our fleet of shipping containers for rent provide the most efficient form of cargo storage. The container variations cater to individual needs and are priced affordably. Please note that some shipping containers have additional features like double doors or side doors. Additionally, reefers, or refrigerated shipping containers, have an entirely different design and function.